Online casino players who want to place bets on slot machines must register with the casino, as it’s a mandatory requirement for every company. An account is necessary for players to deposit money and play video slots with real currency. In addition to registration, most online casinos require customers to undergo a verification process. This condition is necessary to prevent fraud, illegal money laundering, and underage access to gambling. Not all gamblers are willing to provide personal information for account verification, so some players seek online casinos without the need for verification and a passport.

What is Verification and Why is it Necessary

The account verification procedure involves the user providing the casino with copies or screenshots of documents confirming:

  • The player’s identity and age (passport, driver’s license, or ID card).
  • The player’s country of residence (utility bills or bank statements).
  • The ownership of the payment method registered to the user (card details or e-wallet credentials).

Verification, or the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) process, is a mandatory check of a user’s personal information. This requirement applies to almost all virtual casinos. Personal and financial information undergoes verification to restrict access to the casino for players who have not reached the legal gambling age (typically 18 or 21, depending on the country). Verification also prevents users from creating multiple accounts to exploit bonuses. Casinos will block rule violators who register multiple accounts.

How to Find a Casino without Verification and Passport Requirement

There are online casinos that do not require players to verify their accounts. In casinos without mandatory personal information checks (KYC), players only need to confirm their financial details for depositing and withdrawing funds – the payment method information. These casinos operate legally but do not conduct in-depth investigations into their customers. To find a casino without the need for verification and a passport:

  1. Check the ratings of online casinos without KYC.
  2. Choose a reliable company with a good reputation.
  3. Visit the official website and register.
  4. Deposit funds using available payment methods.
  5. Access the game catalog and choose a slot.
  6. Place bets and start playing.

In casinos without verification, players are only required to provide a mobile phone number or email address and payment instrument details to replenish their balance and withdraw winnings. Many gamblers prefer to play without submitting documents, identification, and additional checks. Finding casinos without verification can be a bit challenging, but such establishments operate in the online space. Before registering, carefully read reviews and casino overviews to avoid fraudulent websites.

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