piZap Photo Collage & Stickers Download Free APK

piZap Photo Collage & Stickers is an image editor for your Android that lets you enhance your photos with filters, borders and stickers.

With it, you can put aside the traditional posting photos and create beautiful collages to share with your friends and family.

The application is able to apply its function both in photographs taken at the time as images that are present in the gallery of your device or on your Facebook account. However, for the latter option, you must log in with your credentials social network.


Increasing photos
Currently, the concept of ancient murals from photos and decorated frames was transferred directly to our albums online. So it is hard to find anyone who does not like to increase the photos before posting them on social networks. The piZap Photo Collage & Stickers offers an alternative for you to perfect the effects and always have varied images.

Using the program does not have any kind of secret: just open it and select the desired photo from the gallery on the unit or Facebook or take a picture at the time. Then simply define which effect should be applied. The functions are divided in this toolbar on the right side of the screen and pressing any of the buttons to view the available options.

Then, just select any of the effects just by touching it. When everything is the way you want, you can save the photo to your device or share it on Facebook.

Above you gave a full description of the piZap Photo Collage & Stickers and functionality, now we know what we think of himpiZap Photo Collage & Stickers is an image editor for your Android that lets you apply, edges, adhesives and filters in your photos. It can be a good alternative for those who like to publish different photographs, especially the great variety of items available in each of the categories of effects.

In fact, the application even includes tools to cut items in the pictures, which can be considered as a differential, since we are talking about an editor for Android. In addition, it features a streamlined interface and the available modifications arranged in a toolbar.

Everything is done with a few clicks, with most of the change is made only by pressing the desired item. Even those that require parameters are easily adjustable, allowing the easy operation program even for those who do not have much affinity with image editors.

Another positive aspect is that the program has the ability for you to use images from the gallery of your device, Facebook or take a new picture at the time, getting up to you which one to hire.

Whenever a new image
The amount of items available in each category is wide. In addition, it brings both elements and classic filters as some more varied, so that you can always make different assemblies. In addition, the application also lets you apply photo of backgrounds, to create panels.

And change is seen on time, so you know if it’s worth using the chosen type. In addition, the models themselves are presented as a thumbnail bar, so you already have an idea of ​​the final results even without inserting them itself.

Once all changes to an image, it can be stored on your phone or shared with your friends in social networks using the available alternatives. So if you enjoy customizations in your images, assemble collages or make application filters, adhesives and edges, certainly worth testing the piZap Photo Collage & Stickers.

Calls with WhatsApp – costs, data consumption, functioning Whatsapp Download

WhatsApp is currently the most popular Messenger service to send and receive text messages – you can also make calls with WhatsApp but. In the following article we will explain how this works if the phone feature affects data usage and whether an extra cost here.

Calls with WhatsApp – are all the advantages
The calling feature of WhatsApp goes by the name WhatsApp call and is a practical method tocharges to save that are ordinarily incurred when making calls. As with the transmission of text messages and other files will be used when making calls via WhatsApp only your internet connection.

whatsap download free

Specifically, this means: By telephoning there are no special fees.
This is true even if the interlocutor is in another country, or if you WhatsApp abroad used.
The only thing that is claimed in WhatsApp call, is the amount of data your smartphone Tariff.
Below we clarify why, how high is the consumption data with WhatsApp call. But first, a brief explanation of how WhatsApp Call works.

How it works WhatsApp Call

WhatsApp call is simple to use and requires no installation of additional software – since upgrading to WhatsApp Version 2:12:19. is the feature open to all users. The following explanation refers toAndroid devices, including iOS but it works very similar. To call with WhatsApp call other people you do the following:

Start a text chat with your interlocutor.
Typing on top of the telephone handset icon.
Once the caller has confirmed the call, a connection is established and you can converse normally.

Receive calls
Also receiving calls is very simple:

First, you will be informed in a window of the incoming call.
To accept their taps on the green button that appears.
To reject their taps on the red button.
You can also tap the message icon: This you reject the call with a brief message that you can enter it.
Calls with WhatsApp: Are there hidden costs?
As mentioned above occur when benefits of WhatsApp Call no additional cost – even though WhatsApp is not entirely in vain. Although you can you the Messenger for free from the Google Play Store  to download and the App Store of Apple, after some time, however, an annual premium of 0.89 euros will be charged. If this is not paid, you can not continue using WhatsApp. 89 cents per year are not much – but that’s not all: If one makes a Phoning via the call function or receives, are the same as in the data consumed sending and receiving text and images. More important than the WhatsApp costs so the question is, how much is the data consumption of WhatsApp when telephoning. To this end, a tip: the data consumption of WhatsApp (including WhatsApp Call) can check your settings in your phone, as shown in the following screenshot.

WhatsApp Call: Data Consumption

WhatsApp call seems at first to have only advantages over the normal calls – ultimately arise from the feature no additional costs. Can you now therefore terminate his contract with mobile operators and phone calls in the future only on WhatsApp call? Quite so simple, it is not, because when making calls via WhatsApp call still data to be consumed – and on this point intersects WhatsApp call not perform well.

In a comparative test the website androidauthority 10 different Voice Calling apps were tested on data usage. With a consumption of around 760 KB per minute of conversation WhatsApp call ended up a distant second to last place – more data consumed only Skype. By comparison, the best provider KakaoTalk consumed just 318 KB per minute.

Conclusion: For the regular calls itself WhatsApp call therefore is not suitable due to the extremely high data consumption more.

The feature is worthwhile in principle, only for people who rarely make calls or not households have with the data consumption, eg when you are logged into a wireless network.
You should also mention that the call quality of WhatsApp call can not compete with a conventional connection.
Quite apart from this has not automatically install WhatsApp on their device each smartphone user.
Finally, a tip if you WhatsApp makes intensive use: In this case, you can save HR costs by sending a WhatsApp SIM card buys. To give you 1000 MB data volume for calls and WhatsApp WhatsApp generally.