Xiaomi 11T Series to get 3 Android OS updates, 4 years of security updates

The Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro smartphones, due for release this month, will have three Android OS updates and four years of security updates in their lifecycle, the company announced. Xiaomi didn’t make any other devices part of the announcement, but said it is working to give similar treatment to the devices already released. Xiaomi, with its new update policy, appears to rival Samsung, which has promised four years of security updates for many of its devices.

The next Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro are expected to be released later this month. Xiaomi announced that it will change its update policy along with the launch of these smartphones.

“With the continuous improvement made in smartphone hardware, the lifecycle of a smartphone is gradually increasing, which means that users are not forced to replace their smartphones as often,” said Albert Shan, head of product and technology at Xiaomi in a prepared statement. “We will also provide users with security updates that ensure their devices operate securely for an extended period of time.”

Although Xiaomi’s announcement mentions that the new policy only applies to the next Xiaomi 11T series from now on, it hasn’t ruled out the possibility of including older devices in the future.

“It’s not a simple task for Xiaomi and her team to provide system updates and security patches for all previous smartphone models,” Shan said. “However, the prospect of this challenge and of meeting the needs of our customers is exciting.”

Xiaomi’s latest announcement is similar to the one made by Samsung in February. Although the South Korean tech giant’s promise isn’t just for its flagship series, but for many other Galaxy devices. These phones and tablets will receive regular security updates for at least four years from their launch. Samsung said security updates will be released monthly or quarterly, depending on the device.


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