WhatsApp for Android suggested to get Vanish mode option in privacy settings

WhatsApp for Android should soon receive early disappear mode as part of its privacy settings. It will allow users to convert all future chat topics into ephemeral chats. The feature was unveiled by WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in a WhatsApp chat in June. It appears to be available as an extension of the existing Vanishing Messages feature, which allows users to delete messages in certain individual and group chats after a predefined period of seven days.

In a report, WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo said that Vanish Mode will be available as a new privacy setting for in-app beta testers. Some reference to the update supposedly appeared in WhatsApp for Android beta version, although beta testers still don’t see the new feature in action on their devices.

WABetaInfo also shared a screenshot showing the Vanish Mode option as part of the WhatsApp for Android privacy settings. The feature is currently under development.

screenshot of whatsapp disappear mode wabetainfo WhatsApp for Android WhatsApp

WhatsApp for Android seems to get Fade mode option in privacy settings
Photo credit: WABetaInfo

In June, Will Cathcart and Mark Zuckerberg reportedly revealed their plans to launch Vanished Mode in a chat with WABetaInfo. The mode would basically enable the Missing Messages feature that exists in all message threads in WhatsApp to make them temporary in nature.

WABetaInfo suggests that everyone you are chatting with is notified about the update when you turn on Disappear Mode on your terminal.

In addition to supposedly testing the app’s disappear mode, WhatsApp is working to improve the ephemeral messaging feature available by introducing 24-hour and 90-day periods – along with the default window of seven days after which messages no longer show up in chats.

WhatsApp will likely bring Missing Mode to iPhone users in addition to its Android equivalents. However, the Facebook-owned company has yet to give formal details about its launch.

Separately, WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is redesigning the Android contact/group card that appears when you tap the profile picture of a contact or group in your chat list. The card would show the information button next to the contact’s name and would no longer show the profile photo of the contact or group you are viewing in the standard square format.

WhatsApp android contact group card update wabetainfo WhatsApp screenshot for Android WhatsApp

WhatsApp for Android may soon receive a redesigned contact / group card
Photo credit: WABetaInfo

The existence of the new contact/group card was supposedly suggested via WhatsApp for Android beta version However, it is not yet available to beta testers.


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