The iconic Simpsons TV now exists in a miniature 3D printed replica: watch it in action

The Simpsons, one of the most iconic long-running animated TV series of all time, is known for its hilarious couch jokes, which always ended with Homer and his family gathering in front of a purple TV. Now someone has actually designed and created a palm-sized replica of the TV using a 3D printer – and it really works. The creator shared a video of the fun creation on Reddit, where cool TV is seen showing clips from the series itself.

The TV has two purple dials working on the front, just like the Simpsons. One of the buttons turns on the device while the other is used to control the volume. It has an antenna on top (for show only) and a cable connected from the back for power.

The user, , said on Reddit that the TV shows the first 11 seasons of the show at random, without the need for an Internet connection.

According to the user, inside the TV box is a small Raspberry Pi Zero development board running the Jessie Lite operating system, connected to a 640×480 pixel screen. It has a 32GB memory card and the TV is powered by a USB port on the back. “When one episode ends, the next one is randomly selected. The top button is connected to the GPIO (circuit board) and turns the screen on and off while muting the volume. The bottom is a POT (dial) connected to the internal speaker”, said the user.

The post went viral with over 113,000 votes, including 94% positive votes, in one day. It has also fueled immense curiosity and discussion from other Reddit users.

A user asked how the creator got the episodes to play randomly.

Another was curious to see if this could be connected to a solar panel to make it fully self-sufficient.

Given the excitement the post generated, the creator promised a detailed guide to how TV was made. In an “edit” of the original post, the user said, “Wow, this blew up a lot more than I could ever imagine.”

In India, all seasons of The Simpsons are available for streaming on Disney + Hotstar.


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