Apple says it is working with the United States to adopt driver’s licenses and state IDs in Apple’s wallet

Apple announced that it is working with several US states to release the ability to store a driver’s license or state ID in a user’s Apple wallet on an iPhone or Apple Watch. Connecticut is among eight states that will partner with Apple, which will allow it to store the license in its Wallet app, … Read more

Overheating surface and Google Pixel 5a touch screen issues, company working on a fix

Google Pixel 5a users are reporting overheating and touch screen issues on the phone. Several people turned to Twitter to register and expand their complaints. Google would have recognized the problems and would be working on a fix. The overheating issue in particular seems to be occurring while recording 4K video, according to reports. The … Read more

Instagram working on search to show results from photos and videos, like TikTok; Support for more languages ​​also available

Instagram is working to expand search capabilities with the addition of showing videos and photos as results. Facebook’s proprietary photo and video sharing platform said the change in Search is currently under development and will be rolled out to users soon. In addition, Instagram is also working to add support for other languages ​​to Search. … Read more

Instagram supposedly working on the Like button for stories

Instagram is supposedly working to introduce the ability to like Instagram Stories. Until now, this feature did not exist and users could only react to stories, which appear in their direct messages. The ‘Like’ button is expected to appear on the main Stories page and the user should be able to see the number of … Read more

Tesla working on ‘Tesla Bot’ humanoid robots for ‘boring tasks’, says CEO Elon Musk

Elon Musk announced that Tesla is working on a humanoid project and will present the first prototype “next year”. Unveiling the robot named Tesla Bot at the Tesla AI Day event, Musk said the intent is to be friendly and will be able to perform “unsafe, repetitive or boring” tasks. Tesla will leverage its experience … Read more