Google, Microsoft, IBM and More Tech Giants put ethical brakes on AI: here’s why

In September of last year, Google’s cloud unit studied the use of artificial intelligence to help a finance company decide who to lend money to. He rejected the client’s idea after weeks of internal discussions, considering the project too risky from an ethical standpoint because AI technology could perpetuate prejudices such as those involving race … Read more

Google, Microsoft and more tech companies pledge billions in cybersecurity after meeting with US president

The top US tech companies have pledged to invest billions of dollars to strengthen cybersecurity defenses and train skilled workers, the White House announced on Wednesday after President Joe Biden’s private meeting with senior executives. The Washington meeting was held during a relentless streak of ransomware attacks that targeted critical infrastructure and large corporations, as … Read more

Apple, IBM and insurance CEOs say they work with the White House to tackle cyber challenges

The White House is hosting an event on Wednesday that will bring together major US tech companies for a discussion of cybersecurity challenges following a series of high-profile hacking incidents earlier this year, people familiar with the event said. to Reuters. This comes as Congress ponders new legislation regarding data breach notification laws and the … Read more

Google, Amazon and Microsoft are considered too big to fail by banking regulators; cause concern

More than a decade after the financial crisis, regulators are once again appalled that some companies at the heart of the financial system are too big to fail. But they are not banks. This time around, it’s tech giants, including Google, Amazon and Microsoft, who host a growing mass of banking, insurance and marketing on … Read more