Explained: How Electric Vehicles Can Be Enhanced With Solid State Batteries

Solid-state batteries can be a game changer for electric vehicles (EVs), storing more energy, charging faster and offering greater safety than liquid lithium ion batteries, helping to accelerate the shift from fossil fuel-powered cars. How are they different from liquid lithium ion batteries? Solid-state batteries use thin layers of solid electrolytes, which carry lithium ions … Read more

Hyundai will offer hydrogen fuel cell versions of all commercial vehicles through 2028

Hyundai Motor Group said on Tuesday that it plans to offer hydrogen fuel cell versions for all of its commercial vehicles by 2028 and will reduce the price of fuel cell vehicles to battery electric levels two years later. The group, which brings together Hyundai and Kia, currently has on the market a fuel cell … Read more

Electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells could be boosted with India’s claim to renew incentives

India has revised its proposed $8 billion (about Rs. 58,400 crores) scheme for the automotive sector, which will now focus on encouraging companies to build electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, two sources familiar with the project told Reuters. flat. This is a significant change from the government’s original plan to encourage auto and auto parts manufacturers … Read more

Tesla Car Crash: US identifies company’s 12th autopilot accident in incidents involving emergency vehicles

US auto safety regulators said on Wednesday they identified a 12th accident involving Tesla vehicles using advanced driver assistance systems in incidents involving emergency vehicles and required the automaker to answer detailed questions about its autopilot system. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Aug. 16 said it had opened a formal safety probe … Read more

Lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles: a fire hazard?

General Motors expanded the recall of its Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles due to the risk of fire from bag-type lithium-ion battery cells manufactured by LG of South Korea. The recall, the second-largest involving batteries made by LG Chem’s battery pack, LG Energy Solution (LGES), highlights the challenges battery companies face in making a stable product … Read more

GM revokes all Chevy Bolt electric vehicles sold worldwide due to fire hazard

General Motors said on Friday that it is recalling all Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles sold worldwide to fix a battery problem that could cause fires. The recall and others raise questions about lithium-ion batteries, which are now used in nearly all electric vehicles. Ford, BMW and Hyundai recalled batteries recently. President Joe Biden will need … Read more