The iPhone 13’s facial identification technology can work with fogging masks and glasses; Apple supposedly testing on employees

Apple is testing new facial identification hardware for the iPhone 13 lineup that will work with masks and even blurry glasses, according to a report. The Cupertino company’s next-generation facial recognition technology, which was previously said to be below a smaller notch, would also have a different positioning than the selfie camera. This suggests that … Read more

Twitter Spaces testing new discovery feature to show you what your friends are listening to

Twitter Spaces is testing a feature that will make it easier for users to better discover audio-only chat rooms. Previously, users could only view the Spaces of people they followed if they were hosting. Users will now be able to see the Spaces that the people they follow are listening. Users also have the option … Read more

Google’s autonomous spinoff, Waymo begins testing with the public in San Francisco

Alphabet’s Waymo has begun taking some San Francisco residents for rides in its self-contained sport utility vehicles and hopes to open robot taxis to anyone in the city in less than three years for launch in its only other market. Waymo’s announcement on Tuesday of its status and plans in San Francisco, a small peninsula … Read more

Russia postpones lunar mission because of problems during testing of the Lua-25 spacecraft

Russia revealed on Tuesday that it had postponed its first mission to the lunar surface in decades as a result of “problems” encountered during testing of the Luna-25 spacecraft. The country’s space agency, Roscosmos, announced last week that the mission – originally scheduled for Oct. 1 – from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Far East … Read more

WhatsApp for Android testing new color scheme that works with light and dark themes

WhatsApp for Android is being updated with a new color scheme that is brighter than the existing one. The change is initially provided to beta testers for testing purposes. However, it will be publicly available if the test is successful (according to the required results). The new color scheme is applicable to WhatsApp light and … Read more

Facebook to bring voice and video calls to the main app, testing first with few users

Facebook is allowing some users to make voice and video calls in its main app on a trial basis, with the aim of making it easier to make calls without opening its standalone Messenger app. The social media giant built Messenger from its main app years ago, meaning users would have to download a separate … Read more

WhatsApp for Android testing new payment shortcut, desktop users get beta program

WhatsApp for Android seems to be getting a payment shortcut in the chat bar. The new feature is initially available to beta testers in India. Separately, WhatsApp has released a beta program for WhatsApp for Desktop users to test unannounced features designed for Windows and macOS. WhatsApp for iPhone is also developing a redesigned contact … Read more

Twitter testing feature that may allow users to flag “misleading” content

Twitter on Tuesday announced a new feature that allows users to flag content that may contain misinformation, a scourge that only grew during the pandemic. “We are testing a feature for you to report tweets that look misleading – as you see them,” the social network said in its security account. We’re testing a feature … Read more