New game rules for under-18s in China undermine the sport’s power status in the country

In glass-paneled conference rooms, members of Shanghai’s Rogue Warriors sports team yell into their phones as they train from 11 am until late, occasionally interrupting for food. “I spend 15 of my 24 hours a day playing video games,” said Zhang Kaifeng, 19, who professionally plays Tencent’s online battle arena game “Arena of Valor,” adding … Read more

TikTok-Parent ByteDance says it will reduce the size of Fintech’s business and plans to sell brokerage operations

Beijing-based ByteDance, which owns TikTok, said on Wednesday it would shrink its financial services unit and plan to sell its stock brokerage operations amid China’s growing tightening in the financial technology (fintech) sector . ByteDance operates Songshu Zhengquan, which translates to Squirrel Securities, in Hong Kong, and Haitun Gupiao, or Dolphin Stocks, in mainland China. … Read more

China cuts playing time for players under 18 to 3 hours a week

China banned under-18s from playing video games for more than three hours a week, a severe social intervention it said was necessary to pull the plug on a growing addiction to what it once described as “spiritual opium.” The new rules, published on Monday, are part of a major shift by Beijing to tighten control … Read more

China’s Regulatory Enforcement Summary: From Bitcoin to Celebrity Fan Clubs – Nothing is Off the Table

China has launched a multifaceted crackdown on its tech companies, leaving startups and decades-old companies operating in a new and uncertain environment. Here are the sectors that are facing regulatory pressure: game companies Chinese regulators have reduced the amount of time players under 18 can spend online gaming to one hour of gaming on Fridays, … Read more

Ethiopia to create local social media platform to rival Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp

Ethiopia has started to develop its own social media platform to rival Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, though it does not intend to block global services, the state communications security agency said on Monday. Ethiopia has been involved since last year in an armed conflict that pits the federal government against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front … Read more

Tencent Music achieves paid subscriber growth of over 40% in Q2, now has 66.2 million listeners

China’s Tencent Music Entertainment Group beat Wall Street’s expectations for second-quarter earnings on Monday, when its advertising business rallied and more people signed up to its music streaming platform. Subscribers paid for the company’s online music service grew 41 percent to 66.2 million, thanks to investments in long-format audio and an updated music library expanded … Read more

Technical scrutiny is heightened in China with unfair competition rules and critical data

China acted on Tuesday to tighten control of its technology sector, issuing detailed rules aimed at combating unfair competition and companies’ handling of critical data. Beijing has tightened its grip on Internet platforms in recent months, citing the risk of abusing market power to stifle competition, misuse of consumer information and violation of consumer rights, … Read more

Tencent’s WeChat among 42 apps disapproved by China for illegal transfer of user data

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said on Wednesday that 43 applications, including Tencent’s WeChat, had illegally transferred user data and ordered their parent companies to make rectifications. The shift comes as Chinese authorities increase regulatory oversight across a range of industry sectors, with a particular emphasis on privacy and data. In a … Read more

Tribute to developer Kings, Tencent Rides Gaming, advertising surge to beat quarterly estimates

Tencent beat forecasts with a 29 percent jump in second-quarter profit, helped by an increase in popular game revenue and growth in online advertising sales. Strong demand for games like Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile offset a decrease in revenue from their Battle Royale Peacekeeper Elite title. Net income for the three months to … Read more

Pokémon Unite opens preregistration for Android, iOS devices; Released on September 22nd

The online multiplayer Battle Arena (MOBA) game Pokémon Unite will be released for the Android and iOS platforms on September 22nd. The game is currently available for pre-registration and users who pre-register for the game will receive additional bonus content if certain conditions are met. Pokémon Unite was released for Nintendo Switch on July 21st. … Read more