Facebook may not lift the Taliban ban after the takeover of Afghanistan, even if the US softens its view

Facebook may not lift its ban on the Taliban, even if the United States stops imposing sanctions on the group, which quickly took control of Afghanistan, the social media company’s policy chief said on Wednesday. The US State Department does not list the Afghan Taliban as a foreign terrorist organization as it does the Pakistani … Read more

Taliban websites that broadcast their official messages to Afghans and the world have disappeared

Taliban websites that delivered official messages from the victorious insurgents to Afghans and the world at large in five languages ​​went offline abruptly on Friday, indicating an effort to try to crack down on them. However, it is not immediately clear why the Pashto, Urdu, Arabic, English and Dari language sites went offline on Friday. … Read more

Afghanistan-Taliban Crisis: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn protect Afghan users’ accounts in the midst of takeover

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn said this week they had taken steps to secure the accounts of Afghan citizens to protect them from being targeted amid the Taliban’s swift takeover of the country. Facebook has temporarily removed the ability for people to view or search friend lists from accounts in Afghanistan, security policy chief Nathaniel Gleicher … Read more