Facebook Algorithm Powered by Dissemination of Incorrect Information About Factual News During the 2020 US Elections: Study

The usefulness of Facebook and other social media for accurate dissemination of information has been a hot topic for debate for some time now. A debate is also ongoing over the credibility of fast-growing news sources on Facebook and similar social media platforms. These platforms rely on algorithms to select and display the information they … Read more

New study suggests that keeping the camera on during video calls makes employees more work fatigue

During the pandemic, as everyone was confined to their homes, they found new ways to communicate, hold meetings and ensure that work ran as smoothly as possible. Most people resorted to teleworking and virtual meetings. The result was what was later described as “zoom fatigue”, a feeling of being out of energy. A new study … Read more

The phone does not connect to your car’s infotainment system? You are not alone: ​​study

Problems getting smartphones to properly connect to in-vehicle infotainment systems are now the #1 complaint among consumers, according to the latest study on the quality of the new model released Tuesday by market research firm JD Power. Overall, JD Power says malfunctioning electronics and infotainment is the cause of six of the top 10 complaints … Read more

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover uses a special shape to destroy rocks and study them

NASA’s Perseverance rover is tasked with a “robot geologist” on the surface of the Red Planet. As it scans the region for geological discoveries, its final task is to allow Earth researchers to obtain samples from the geological specimens. To do this, the rover studies the rocks around it to understand the processes that may … Read more

Google, Facebook, Microsoft: Main spending on lobbying in the EU: study

Alphabet’s unit of Google, Facebook and Microsoft are the three biggest lobby spenders in Europe in a battle against tough new laws aimed at curbing the powers of US tech giants, a study released on Tuesday showed. . Such efforts should be a wake-up call for EU policymakers to further strengthen bills and lobbying rules, … Read more

Detecting emotions from facial expressions: not even AI can do this reliably, study concludes

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are being developed today to infer people’s intentions and reactions by studying their facial expressions. But a new study says such AI guesses can’t be very reliable. A recent study analyzed photos of actors to examine the relationship between facial expressions and human emotions. They found that people can use similar … Read more

How was our solar system born? Study finds new clues

A study of the Ophiuchus star-forming complex offered new insights into the conditions under which our own solar system was born. The study results were published in the journal Nature Astronomy. An active star formation region in the constellation Ophiuchus is giving astronomers new insights into the conditions in which our own solar system was … Read more

Marine ‘Oil-Eating’ Bacteria in the Canadian Arctic May Reduce Effects of Oil Spills: Study

Certain types of marine bacteria in the icy waters off the coast of Labrador, Canada, may help contain the effects of offshore oil spills in the arctic and subarctic region, a new study says. The cold-adapted microbial communities that were studied showed an ability to degrade diesel and crude oil. This was observed under certain … Read more