Apple’s App Store Concessions Do Not Address Top Concerns for Regulators and Lawmakers: A Review

In the space of a week, Apple has made two sets of changes to the App Store rules, which are the subject of lawsuits, regulatory investigations and legislation around the world, but the adjustments don’t address the biggest concerns raised. Lawmakers and regulators are considering dismantling the App Store business model, a result that could … Read more

Apple Relaxes App Store Payment Rules for Netflix and Others Doing Japan

Apple said on Wednesday it would relax its App Store rules that have banned companies like Netflix from providing customers with a link to create a paid account to bypass Apple’s in-app purchase commissions. It is the second award to regulators and businesses in less than a week as the iPhone maker faces legal, regulatory … Read more

Google Play App Store revenue reached $11.2 billion in 2019, shows unsealed archive

Alphabet’s Google generated $11.2 billion (about Rs. 82,320 crores) in revenue from its mobile app store in 2019, according to a lawsuit filed Saturday, offering a clear view of the financial results of the company. service for the first time. Utah attorneys general and 36 other US states or districts who are suing Google for … Read more

‘A hopscotch story going through the App Store review’: Coding App CEO attacks Apple in a Twitter thread

Hopscotch, a coding app for kids on Apple’s App Store, has revealed its recent frustrations over an update issue and persistent rejections from the company. Rejects were later deemed “an error” caused by a “flaw” in Apple’s automated software. In a heated tweet, Hopscotch CEO Samantha John vented her frustration and anger at the tech … Read more

Researchers create rechargeable battery that can store six times more energy than other units

A group of researchers at Stanford University has developed rechargeable batteries ‚Äč‚Äčthat can store six times more charge than lithium-ion batteries available today. With the help of this new technology, users would only have to recharge mobile devices once a week and an electric vehicle would be able to travel six times as far on … Read more

Apple closes App Store deal with small developers while waiting for Fortnite’s decision

Apple agreed on Thursday to ease App Store restrictions on small developers, settling in a class-action lawsuit while the iPhone maker awaits a decision by the same judge in a separate App Store dispute brought by the developer behind Fortnite . The settlement includes changes to the way all developers can communicate with customers, an … Read more

Apple Allows Developers to Accept Payments Outside the App Store: Explained in Seven Points

Apple announced Thursday night in the US that iOS developers will now be able to advertise alternative payment options on the App Store, which will make it easier for them to promote alternative pricing without Apple’s cut. Until now, developers had to pay a portion of all revenue generated in the App Store to Apple, … Read more

Instagram Store tab to show ads globally

Instagram will launch advertising in its Shop feature globally, the Facebook-owned app said on Tuesday, as it looks to make more money from brands looking to reach new customers. Instagram Shop is an in-app photo and video sharing tab that allows users to browse items such as clothing and beauty products and, in some cases, … Read more

The Google Play Store removes 8 fake cryptocurrency mining apps, tricking users into watching ads and paying for the service

Google Play removed eight deceptive cryptocurrency apps after they were discovered to be fake and tricking users into watching ads. These apps disguised as cryptocurrency cloud mining apps, where users can earn cryptocurrencies by investing money in a cloud mining operation. IT security company Trend Micro reports that these eight malicious apps tricked victims into … Read more

Amazon Launches Rakhi Store Before Raksha Bandhan 2021: Deals on Phones, Speakers, and More

The Amazon Rakhi Store was launched just before the Raksha Bandhan festival this weekend. The store is specially curated with a wide variety of products for gifting brothers. Gadget segment products include smartphones, TVs, accessories, and more. The e-commerce site presented offers on the OnePlus Nord CE 5G and Redmi Note 10 Pro Max. Even … Read more