The Gmail app is getting the ability to make voice and video calls in a major update; Google Spaces Implementation Begins

Gmail is able to make and receive voice and video calls in one-on-one chats. Users will now be able to call people using Google Meet directly from their Gmail mobile apps or the web. The call will ring in the Gmail app and not the standalone Google Meet app, although Google says the latter will … Read more

Twitter launching ticketed spaces for iOS users, allowing them to generate revenue from the spaces they host

Twitter Ticketed Spaces began to be deployed to iOS users. Ticketed Spaces allow creators to generate revenue from the Spaces – live audio rooms – they host by charging a sort of ticket price. It first announced Ticketed Spaces in June, when it opened apps for users who wanted to test the feature. Now it … Read more

Twitter Spaces testing new discovery feature to show you what your friends are listening to

Twitter Spaces is testing a feature that will make it easier for users to better discover audio-only chat rooms. Previously, users could only view the Spaces of people they followed if they were hosting. Users will now be able to see the Spaces that the people they follow are listening. Users also have the option … Read more