South Korea’s ‘Generation MZ’ Takes The Race To The ‘Metaverse’: Find Out Why

South Korean engineer Shaun has big plans to develop the plots of land he has acquired for millions of won (thousands of dollars) in recent years from long-term lenders. “I am planning to design my building that is suitable for hosting live K-pop performances and K-drama screenings,” the 30-year-old investor told Reuters. “That could probably … Read more

Google, Apple cannot force developers into payment systems, says South Korea’s newly passed bill

South Korea’s parliament on Tuesday passed a bill banning major app store operators such as Google and Apple from forcing software developers to use their payment systems, effectively preventing them from charging commissions in in-app purchases. It’s the first such constraint by big economies like Alphabet’s Apple and Google, which face global criticism for requiring … Read more

Samsung claims it can remotely disable stolen TV sets and activate functions in South Africa

Samsung recently revealed that it can remotely disable TV sets if it discovers the units have been stolen. The company said it was introducing a new feature called the TV Lock Function to disable all Samsung TV sets acquired through illegal means. The feature was activated in South Africa after several units were stolen from … Read more

UK seeks data partnerships with US, Australia, South Korea and others to boost Trade Post Brexit

Britain said on Thursday it is seeking data partnerships with countries like the United States, Australia, South Korea and other fast-growing markets to break barriers and boost trade after Brexit. Data adequacy partnerships mean that organizations would not have to implement costly compliance measures to share personal data internationally when doing business, the digital ministry … Read more

Apple and Google face restrictions on in-app purchase commissions while South Korean parliament committee votes

A South Korean parliamentary committee voted on Wednesday to recommend an amendment to the law, an important step to ban Google and Apple from forcefully charging software developers commissions on in-app purchases, the first brake on a major economy. Alphabet’s Apple and Google have faced global criticism for requiring software developers who use their app … Read more

Apple, Google’s in-app purchasing commission domain will likely be contained by South Korea

South Korea will likely prevent Alphabet’s Google and Apple from charging software developers’ fees for in-app purchases, the first of these restrictions in a large economy that could hurt the tech giants’ lucrative revenue streams. Legislation from parliament and the judiciary committee is expected on Tuesday to pass amendments to the Telecommunications Business Act, dubbed … Read more