Don’t Search Trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence attempt to warn of a comet heading for Earth

The first trailer for Don’t Look Up is here. On Wednesday, Netflix unveiled the first look of its star-studded sci-fi comedy Don’t Look Up, led by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, surrounded by the likes of Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Ron Perlman, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Cate Blanchett, … Read more

Google Search, Google Maps and the Assistant will now provide the availability, doses and costs of the COVID-19 vaccine in India

Google Search, Maps and the Assistant will now show useful information about the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine in India. Since March, Google has shown COVID-19 vaccination centers in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Now Google Maps and Google Assistant can also help people get information such as slot availability, expected … Read more

Google said it would pay Apple $15 billion to keep the default search engine on Safari in 2021

Google will pay Apple $15 billion (about INR 1.10.718 crores) to remain the default search engine on the iPhone, iPad and Mac in 2021, according to analysts. The price of keeping Google as the default search engine in the Safari browser would have risen once again, which could rise further in 2022. It is widely … Read more

Instagram working on search to show results from photos and videos, like TikTok; Support for more languages ​​also available

Instagram is working to expand search capabilities with the addition of showing videos and photos as results. Facebook’s proprietary photo and video sharing platform said the change in Search is currently under development and will be rolled out to users soon. In addition, Instagram is also working to add support for other languages ​​to Search. … Read more

Google search showing blank and broken images in top news carousel

Google Search is showing blank or broken images in its Top News carousel. When you Google any topic, the Top Stories panel – which shows the most-read news from various media – now shows thumbnails of blank or blurry images. The problem began to surface since Wednesday morning, and several users have flagged the problem … Read more

YouTube search to show chapter thumbnails, best recommendations for translated videos

YouTube has announced new updates to its search function that it says will make it easier for users to search and find new content on its platform. Google’s proprietary video sharing platform will have more visual search capabilities – such as the ability to view chapters in a video – and better foreign language video … Read more