Twitter features Super Follows to allow creators to generate monthly revenue from subscription-based content

Twitter launched a Super Follows feature on its social media platform on Wednesday that would allow creators to generate monthly revenue by sharing exclusive subscriber content with their followers. People in the US and Canada using iOS can Super Follow a select group of people in the US, the company said, adding that the feature … Read more

Google Play App Store revenue reached $11.2 billion in 2019, shows unsealed archive

Alphabet’s Google generated $11.2 billion (about Rs. 82,320 crores) in revenue from its mobile app store in 2019, according to a lawsuit filed Saturday, offering a clear view of the financial results of the company. service for the first time. Utah attorneys general and 36 other US states or districts who are suing Google for … Read more

Twitter launching ticketed spaces for iOS users, allowing them to generate revenue from the spaces they host

Twitter Ticketed Spaces began to be deployed to iOS users. Ticketed Spaces allow creators to generate revenue from the Spaces – live audio rooms – they host by charging a sort of ticket price. It first announced Ticketed Spaces in June, when it opened apps for users who wanted to test the feature. Now it … Read more

Dell faces strong demand for laptops, desktops and cloud services due to telecommuting to beat second quarter revenue estimates

Dell beat market estimates for second-quarter revenue on Thursday with the switch to hybrid work, keeping demand strong for its laptops, desktops and cloud services. Globally, people continue to spend on computer devices even after a year of working from home. International Data figures showed that PC shipments increased 13 percent from April to June, … Read more

Xiaomi prepares self-driving expansion as second-quarter revenue rises 64 percent

Smartphone maker Xiaomi’s second-quarter revenue grew a record 64 percent from a year earlier, it said on Wednesday, announcing the purchase of a self-driving startup as it prepares to expand into the competitive market. Sales reached CNY 87.8 billion (about INR 1.00.720 million), up from 53.54 billion a year earlier and exceeding analyst expectations of … Read more

Robinhood claims that Dogecoin massively boosted second quarter revenue, accounting for 62% of encryption revenue

Dogecoin accounted for nearly 62 percent of the commission-free cryptocurrency trading application Robinhood’s $233 million (about Rs. 1,730 crore) revenue in the second quarter. In its earnings report to US authorities, Robinhood, which launched its IPO last month, highlighted a significant increase in its encryption revenue in Q2 2021 compared to the same period last … Read more