‘Internet apocalypse’: strong solar storm could take the world offline for weeks, even months

A new study has warned that a solar superstorm, which occurs once in about a century, could plunge the world into an “Internet apocalypse,” keeping much of society offline for weeks or even months. The Sun constantly bombards the Earth with electromagnetic particles. These particles – which make up the solar wind – are usually … Read more

Bitcoin Adoption in El Salvador: Most People Don’t Want Cryptocurrency, Research Shows

Most Salvadorans disagree with the government’s decision to adopt Bitcoin as their legal currency, many do not know how to use the digital currency and are suspicious of the project, a survey by the Central American University (UCA) showed on Thursday. At least 67.9 percent of 1,281 people surveyed said they disagree or strongly disagree … Read more

Virgin Galactic will launch Unity 23, its first commercial research mission, with the Italian Air Force soon

Virgin Galactic is launching its first commercial research mission called “Unity 23” together with the Italian Air Force to the edge of space, the agency said on Thursday. The space travel company has set late September or early October as the time for the mission that will take three paying air crew and the Rome-based … Read more

Twitter-backed Bluesky Selects Technology Entrepreneur Jay Graber to Lead Web Research Group

Bluesky, an organization founded by Twitter to build technology aimed at fundamentally changing how social media platforms operate, on Monday announced a leader for the project nearly two years after Twitter head Jack Dorsey first announced it. Jay Graber, founder of a social events startup who also worked as a cryptocurrency developer, will lead Bluesky … Read more

New hair: new research focuses on the cause of baldness

Baldness can be a difficult situation. Many have tried various over-the-counter remedies and failed to get the desired results. Thanks to new research, there could finally be a satisfactory solution to the problem. The research promises to reverse baldness using nanoparticles. Researchers claim that the main causes of baldness are oxidative stress and poor circulation. … Read more

Apple Appeals Against Security Research Firm That Helps Examine Programs Like Detecting Child Abuse Images

Apple on Tuesday appealed a copyright case it lost against security startup Corellium, which helps researchers examine programs like Apple’s new planned method for detecting child sexual abuse images. A federal judge last year rejected Apple’s copyright claims against Corellium, which makes a mock iPhone that researchers use to examine how tightly restricted devices work. … Read more