Reddit said it plans to hire investment bankers and lawyers for the US IPO

Reddit, the online message board operator that has become a favorite destination for day traders chasing this year’s frenzy over so-called stock meme, is looking to hire investment bankers and lawyers for an initial public offering (IPO) in New York, two people familiar with the matter said on Thursday. Reddit was valued at $10 billion … Read more

Who owns DOGE? 82 percent of Dogecoin’s total is being held in jail by just 535 entities, analysis shows

Dogecoin – the dog-themed Shiba Inu cryptocurrency – started out as a joke in 2013, but slowly but steadily made some space for itself. This year, so far, Dogecoin has emerged as one of the most traded cryptocurrencies. However, meme-based digital currency remains largely concentrated in a few hands. A gigantic sum of DOGE 106 … Read more

The iconic Simpsons TV now exists in a miniature 3D printed replica: watch it in action

The Simpsons, one of the most iconic long-running animated TV series of all time, is known for its hilarious couch jokes, which always ended with Homer and his family gathering in front of a purple TV. Now someone has actually designed and created a palm-sized replica of the TV using a 3D printer – and … Read more

Facebook accused of buying and burying rivals by US FTC in renewed antitrust fight

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) updated its antitrust case against Facebook Inc on Thursday, adding more details about the charge that the social media company crushed or bought rivals and once again asked a judge to enforce the social media giant selling Instagram and WhatsApp. At 80 pages, the new complaint is significantly longer … Read more