WhatsApp emoji reactions detected, chat bubble redesign also seen on iOS

WhatsApp is working on message reactions and a new screenshot shows how this can work when started. Reactions to messages or emoji reactions, as they are also known, will allow users to react to specific text in a conversation with an emoji. The screenshot suggests that users can use any emoji for reactions. The instant … Read more

Reactions to WhatsApp messages can support all emojis, cash robbery fans get a special pack of stickers

WhatsApp allows users to apply any of their favorite emojis as reactions to the message. The new development comes just days after WhatsApp was detected by adding message reactions to its platform that would work similar to how you can react to messages received in iMessage, Twitter and even in the Facebook Messenger app itself. … Read more

WhatsApp Test Message Reactions; It can work similarly to iMessage, Instagram, Twitter

WhatsApp has been identified by working on message reactions to allow users to express their emotions in response to the messages they receive in the app. This may be similar to how reactions are available across platforms including iMessage, Instagram and Twitter. Reactions to messages on WhatsApp may be a new step for the Facebook … Read more