Apple settles antitrust case in India over in-app payments issues

Apple is facing an antitrust challenge in India for allegedly abusing its dominant position in the app market by forcing developers to use its in-app purchasing system, according to a source and documents seen by Reuters. The allegations are similar to a case Apple faces in the European Union, where regulators last year launched an … Read more

PayU prospectus to buy BillDesk Payments Company for $4.7 billion

Technology investor Prosus said on Tuesday that it has agreed to buy Indian payment platform BillDesk for $4.7 billion (about Rs. 34,380 crores) to complement its own PayU business. “Together, the two hope to create a financial ecosystem that handles 4 billion transactions annually – four times the current level of PayU in India,” the … Read more

Netflix India now supports AutoPay UPI for recurring payments

Netflix is ​​now rolling out support for UPI Autopay payments in India that will allow you to pay for your monthly subscription using your UPI ID – typically a name or phone number followed by “@ok” and your bank or UPI provider name. For example, “gadgets360 @ okaxis” is a UPI ID (dummy). The UPI … Read more

Apple Allows Developers to Accept Payments Outside the App Store: Explained in Seven Points

Apple announced Thursday night in the US that iOS developers will now be able to advertise alternative payment options on the App Store, which will make it easier for them to promote alternative pricing without Apple’s cut. Until now, developers had to pay a portion of all revenue generated in the App Store to Apple, … Read more

Substake to accept Bitcoin payments for subscription to cryptocurrency related publications

Cryptocurrencies slowly began to enter the markets and to be accepted as forms of payment in place of fiat money. The latest startup to join the movement is the online publishing platform Substack. In an announcement made on Monday, August 23, payment processor Bitcoin OpenNode announced its partnership with Substack which has more than 5,000,000 … Read more

Cryptocurrency payments are now accepted by over 85,000 merchants in Switzerland

Cryptocurrency payments are now being accepted by more than 85,000 merchants in Switzerland from their customers through a collaboration between Worldline, a French payments and transaction services company, and Bitcoin Suisse, a crypto-financial services company in Switzerland . In a press release dated August 19, Bitcoin Suisse announced the integrated service called WL Crypto Payments. … Read more