Shark-tooth dinosaur that competed with the T-Rex lived in present-day Uzbekistan 90 million years ago

About 90 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period, a gigantic dinosaur with ‘shark-like’ teeth roamed modern-day Uzbekistan, says a new study. The carnivorous dinosaur was 7.5-8 meters long and weighed 1,000 kg – which would make it slightly longer than an African elephant and heavier than two fully grown buffaloes. The researchers were surprised … Read more

NFT Project with Random Numbers on Black Background Reaches $40 Million Market Value

With cryptocurrency gaining wide acceptance and popularity, non-fungible tokens have registered a successful presence among the younger generation of merchants. People are investing millions in pixel character images and jpegs, impressing a lot of people. But that’s not all. A lot of weirder things are happening. For an NFT project, which can be described simply … Read more

Shang-Chi Box Office exceeds expectations with a $140 million opening weekend worldwide

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings soared to a $127.6 million (about Rs. 932 crore) opening weekend at the world box office, with gross revenue expected to soar above $139.7 million (about Rs. 1,020 crores) by the end of Monday, after forecasts for the four-day Labor Day weekend in the United States. The … Read more

The Pirate Bay may have amassed $6 million in Bitcoin donations since 2013: Report

The Pirate Bay appears to be among those who have quickly embraced cryptocurrency and gained from the recent but rapid rise of its craze. Several torrent sites added an option to allow their users to donate via Bitcoin in 2013, according to a report. And The Pirate Bay has also received a steady stream of … Read more

YouTube Premium, Music Now Have Over 50 Million Subscribers, Company Reports

YouTube has signed up more than 50 million paid subscribers to its music service, an important milestone for Google’s video site, which has long been criticized by Hollywood record labels and studios for giving away their work for free. That figure of 50 million includes people who pay for YouTube Music, YouTube Premium customers who … Read more

Doge meme behind the Dogecoin phenomenon is sold as NFT for $5.5 million

A non-fungible token (NFT) from the original photo of the famous dog Shiba Inu, which appeared in the legendary 2010 Doge meme, sold for a record price of 1,696 ETH ($5.5 million or about Rs. 40 crores). In June of this year, the dog’s owner, named Kabosu, coined the canine’s original photo as an NFT … Read more

Google appeals to France’s “disproportionate” 500 million euros in copyright line

Google said on Wednesday it was appealing a fine of 500 million euros (about Rs. 4,320 crores) imposed by France’s antitrust body in July over a dispute with local media over payment for news content. The fine came amid increasing international pressure on online platforms like Google, part of Alphabet and Facebook to share more … Read more

Cryptocurrency Adoption in El Salvador: Congress Supports $150 Million Fund to Facilitate Bitcoin Conversions

El Salvador’s Congress passed a law to create a fund of $150 million (about Rs. 1,095 crores) to facilitate Bitcoin conversions to US dollars ahead of its planned adoption of cryptocurrency as a currency next week. With 64 votes in favor and 14 votes against, Congress approved the fund because El Salvador, which already uses … Read more