Are India’s new drone rules aimed at facilitating operations or a gateway to mass surveillance?

Drone Rules 2021 was introduced in India last week which relaxed many restrictions introduced a few years ago. The government has also reduced permission fees to operate drones in the country and excluded the requirement for a safety clearance before obtaining any registration or license. The update facilitates drone operations in the country and is … Read more

Electric vehicle startups looking for low-cost roads for mass production

Electric car and van startups racing to become the next Tesla all want to avoid Elon Musk’s journey through “manufacturing hell.” But electric vehicle companies like British van company Arrival SA and Fisker are taking very different paths to overcome the challenges of the profitable mass production that nearly broke Tesla. Some have found investors … Read more

Baidu says second-generation Kunlun AI chips enter mass production

Chinese tech giant Baidu said on Wednesday it has begun mass-producing second-generation Kunlun artificial intelligence (AI) chips as it races to become a key player in the chip industry that Beijing is trying to strengthen. The new generation of Kunlun AI chips, using 7nm process technology, achieved computing power two to three times the previous … Read more