NASA confirms that the Perseverance Mars Rover has collected its first rock sample

NASA confirmed on Monday that its Perseverance Mars rover has successfully collected its first rock sample for scientists to examine when a future mission brings it back to Earth. “I got it!” the space agency tweeted, alongside a photograph of a rock core slightly thicker than a pencil inside a sample tube. The sample was … Read more

NASA’s Tiny Mars Copter ingenuity is still soaring after 12 successful flights

It was only to fly five times. Still, NASA’s Mars helicopter Ingenuity has completed 12 flights and is not ready to retire. Given its surprising and unexpected success, the US space agency extended Ingenuity’s mission indefinitely. The tiny helicopter has become the regular traveling companion of the Perseverance rover, whose main mission is to look … Read more

Mars Chopper: China develops miniature prototype helicopter for future missions

China has developed a prototype miniature helicopter for surveillance work on future missions to Mars, according to its space science agency, after the historic landing of a robotic rover on the Red Planet a few months ago. The prototype is similar in appearance to the Ingenuity robotic helicopter, developed by NASA for its Perseverance mission … Read more

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover uses a special shape to destroy rocks and study them

NASA’s Perseverance rover is tasked with a “robot geologist” on the surface of the Red Planet. As it scans the region for geological discoveries, its final task is to allow Earth researchers to obtain samples from the geological specimens. To do this, the rover studies the rocks around it to understand the processes that may … Read more

China claims its Mars Rover is in ‘excellent condition’ after completing the 90-day program

Chinese rover Zhurong Mars moves on after completing its initial program to explore the red planet and look for frozen water that could provide clues as to whether it ever supported life. China’s National Space Administration said on its website on Friday that Zhurong completed its 90-day program on Aug. 15 and was in excellent … Read more