Google Chrome 93 features newly revamped closed tabs menu, WebOTP desktop API support, plus

Chrome 93 is now being deployed by Google on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms. It brings changes to the newly closed tabs feature, replaces the lock icon for HTTPS web addresses, and various other features and updates. In addition, Chrome 93 for Android is getting a changed dark theme, with the dark background becoming … Read more

Mac mini with M1X chip to be released in ‘coming months’, iPhone 13 unlikely to show Ring ID: report

The Mac mini with a high-end ‘M1X’ chip will be released in the “coming months” to replace the existing Intel-powered model, according to a report. The new offering could stand alongside the Mac mini that Apple launched last year with its M1 processor. In addition to the new Mac mini, Apple said it has tested … Read more

Apple delays the office’s return to at least January due to an increase in COVID-19 cases, internal memos

Apple is delaying its return to corporate offices from October until January at the earliest because of the increase in COVID-19 cases and new variants, according to a memo sent to employees on Thursday. The company told employees it would confirm the reopening schedule a month before employees are required to return to the office. … Read more