PayPal heats up, buy now, pay later with $2.7 billion deal in Japan

PayPal said it would buy the Japanese company buy now, pay later (BNPL) Paidy in a $2.7 billion (about INR 19,840 crores) deal largely up front, taking another step towards claiming first place in a industry witnessing a pandemic-led boom. The deal follows rival Square’s deal last month to buy the success story of Australian … Read more

Amazon Web Services Issue Resolved After Outages for Japan, Airline Brokers: Report

A glitch in Amazon Web Services has been resolved, Japanese news agency Kyodo said on Thursday after companies ranging from large online brokers to the biggest mobile operator and one of the major airlines suffered disruptions in their operations. Earlier, an Amazon spokesman had said the company was working to restore its system, but declined … Read more

Apple Relaxes App Store Payment Rules for Netflix and Others Doing Japan

Apple said on Wednesday it would relax its App Store rules that have banned companies like Netflix from providing customers with a link to create a paid account to bypass Apple’s in-app purchase commissions. It is the second award to regulators and businesses in less than a week as the iPhone maker faces legal, regulatory … Read more

Scientists create 3D printed wagyu meat and it looks like the truth

How would you like your steak: rare, well done or 3D printed? Well, thanks to scientists in Japan, this is now a legitimate question as they managed to create the world’s first 3D printed Wagyu meat. While it may seem unbelievable, researchers at the University of Osaka say the lab-raised steak bears a strong resemblance … Read more

Google and Facebook Unveil Asia’s Undersea Data Cable Plan to Connect Japan, Guam and More

Google and Facebook on Monday announced plans for a new undersea Internet cable connecting Singapore, Japan, Guam, the Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia. The cable project dubbed Apricot would be about 12,000 km (almost 7,500 miles) and would be operational by 2024 subject to regulatory approvals, the companies said in separate statements. The project announced by … Read more

Japan sees danger in US chip hub to fight China

Japan fears that US plans to pour billions of dollars into chipmaking to oust China could wipe out what is left of a Japanese semiconductor industry that once ruled the world. After “three lost decades,” according to Japan’s industry ministry, the country’s share of global chip manufacturing has dropped from half to one-tenth as it … Read more