‘Internet apocalypse’: strong solar storm could take the world offline for weeks, even months

A new study has warned that a solar superstorm, which occurs once in about a century, could plunge the world into an “Internet apocalypse,” keeping much of society offline for weeks or even months. The Sun constantly bombards the Earth with electromagnetic particles. These particles – which make up the solar wind – are usually … Read more

Starlink satellite Internet could reach India soon, said Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, that regulatory approval is underway

Starlink satellite Internet may soon reach India, with SpaceX founder Elon Musk touting its current status on Twitter. Starlink is a program initiated by SpaceX to provide Internet connectivity using a constellation of satellites, the first two of which were launched in February 2018. It is currently available in 14 regions including Australia, Canada, Chile, … Read more

Os melhores produtos da Internet das coisas que você pode comprar na Índia

A palavra ‘inteligente’ pode significar muitas coisas no contexto da tecnologia de consumo e se aplica amplamente a todos os tipos de aparelhos e eletrodomésticos. No entanto, geralmente significa que um dispositivo está conectado à Internet e pode obter alguma funcionalidade usando essa conexão. Isso pode ser usado para fazer algo tão simples como ligar … Read more

China issues preliminary guidelines for Internet recommendation algorithms

China has published draft guidelines on regulating the algorithms used by Internet service providers to make recommendations to users, part of efforts to protect the privacy and security of users’ data, the Internet regulator said on Friday. fair. Service providers must respect business ethics and principles of fairness and must not create algorithmic models that … Read more

Former Chrome Team Member Examines Difficulties Behind Creating Internet Explorer

What started out as a compliment to Microsoft by a former employee is now being criticized for being a “glorification of a toxic work culture.” The episode is quickly turning into a debate about work ethic but also corporate superiority. Hadi Partovi, now the CEO of nonprofit education organization Code.org, on Monday shared how the … Read more

Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites transmit the Internet to a remote Chilean fishing village

After half an hour of windswept travel on foot and by boat across a rugged forest estuary to his school in remote southern Chile, Diego Guerrero can finally access the Internet. His school is located in the village of Sotomo, about 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) south of the capital Santiago, in the Los Lagos region, … Read more