TRAI recommends 2 Mbps minimum broadband speed, asks government to pay 50 percent monthly fees for rural connections

India’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRAI) has released a series of recommendations to improve broadband connectivity in the country, and one of the main suggestions is to set the minimum download speed for broadband connectivity at 2 Mbps. That’s four times the existing minimum broadband speed of 512Kbps that the regulator had introduced in 2014 as … Read more

VPNs in India must be permanently blocked due to increase in cybercrime, parliamentary panel urges government again

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs has once again urged the government to block virtual private networks (VPNs) in India. The committee cited VPN services as a technological challenge that leads to “getting around the walls of cybersecurity and allowing criminals to remain anonymous online.” In its report presented to Rajya Sabha on government … Read more

RailTel launches AI-based service to 48,000 government schools in Assam

RailTel launches AI-based service to 48,000 government schools in Assam State-owned RailTel said on Wednesday that it has implemented an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based service system for 48,000 public schools in Assam. RailTel has completed work on deploying an AI-based identification system to capture attendance and manage SDMIS (Student Database Management Information System) for government schools … Read more

Driver’s License, Enrollment Certificate Stored in DigiLocker, mParivahan Valid Documents: Government of Delhi

Drivers in Delhi do not need to carry their driver’s license and registration certificate and can show these documents stored on the DigiLocker platform or the mParivahan mobile app when requested by the traffic police and the Department of Transport. The driver’s license and registration certificate, available in digital format on the DigiLocker platform or … Read more