Google’s new AI-based technology can turn low-quality photos into high-resolution images

Google has introduced new AI-based diffusion models to improve the quality of low-resolution images. The two new diffusion models – super image resolution (SR3) and cascade diffusion models (CDM) – can use AI to generate high-fidelity images. These models have many applications ranging from restoring old family portraits and improving medical imaging systems to improving … Read more

Google’s autonomous spinoff, Waymo begins testing with the public in San Francisco

Alphabet’s Waymo has begun taking some San Francisco residents for rides in its self-contained sport utility vehicles and hopes to open robot taxis to anyone in the city in less than three years for launch in its only other market. Waymo’s announcement on Tuesday of its status and plans in San Francisco, a small peninsula … Read more

Apple, Google’s in-app purchasing commission domain will likely be contained by South Korea

South Korea will likely prevent Alphabet’s Google and Apple from charging software developers’ fees for in-app purchases, the first of these restrictions in a large economy that could hurt the tech giants’ lucrative revenue streams. Legislation from parliament and the judiciary committee is expected on Tuesday to pass amendments to the Telecommunications Business Act, dubbed … Read more

Epic Games says Google’s cellphone and game makers must avoid the $1 billion hit on the App Store

Fortnite developer Epic Games on Thursday revealed details about contracts that Alphabet’s Google claims had signed with phone makers and other major video game companies to prevent the loss of $1.1 billion (about Rs 8.185 crores) in annual app store profit. Epic in 2018 launched Fortnite through its website and partnered with cell phone maker … Read more