Google Chrome 93 features newly revamped closed tabs menu, WebOTP desktop API support, plus

Chrome 93 is now being deployed by Google on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms. It brings changes to the newly closed tabs feature, replaces the lock icon for HTTPS web addresses, and various other features and updates. In addition, Chrome 93 for Android is getting a changed dark theme, with the dark background becoming … Read more

Former Chrome Team Member Examines Difficulties Behind Creating Internet Explorer

What started out as a compliment to Microsoft by a former employee is now being criticized for being a “glorification of a toxic work culture.” The episode is quickly turning into a debate about work ethic but also corporate superiority. Hadi Partovi, now the CEO of nonprofit education organization, on Monday shared how the … Read more

Windows 11 will make changing the default browser more difficult for users

Windows 11 will make it difficult for users to switch from default browsers, as Microsoft has supposedly adjusted the way you can change operating system defaults. This will make it harder for users to switch their default browser to competing products like Microsoft Edge’s Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. After installing a new browser on … Read more