How to send WhatsApp messages without typing on Android, iOS

Can WhatsApp messages be sent without typing? Yes, this is possible thanks to the advanced voice recognition support that users have on their Android phones as well as the iPhone. You may need to configure some settings before preparing WhatsApp to send you messages without typing. This feature can be useful at a time when … Read more

Google Search, Google Maps and the Assistant will now provide the availability, doses and costs of the COVID-19 vaccine in India

Google Search, Maps and the Assistant will now show useful information about the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine in India. Since March, Google has shown COVID-19 vaccination centers in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Now Google Maps and Google Assistant can also help people get information such as slot availability, expected … Read more

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential Review: The Smart Clock You’ve Always Wanted

The simple bedside alarm clock is a timeless concept, offering you a quick and convenient way to see all the information you need as soon as you wake up. It also lends itself very well to modernization; add Internet-based intelligence to a device that already occupies a privileged place in your home. Strangely, not many … Read more

Boult Audio ProBass Qcharge Headphones with Neckband and 24-Hour Playback, Introduced in India

The Boult Audio ProBass Qcharge Neckband Headphones were launched in India. The headphones have a battery life of up to 24 hours, according to the company. They support fast charging via their USB Type-C port and can be fully charged in 30 minutes. The Boult Audio ProBass Qcharge Neckband Headphones will be available in three … Read more

JBL Wave 100 TWS Headphones with Coverless Charge Cover Launched in India

JBL Wave 100 TWS headphones were launched in India. They come with a capless carrying case that JBL says will help users use the headphones with one hand. The JBL Wave 100 headsets also come with support for hands-free calling and voice assistant. The headphones provide 20 hours of playback with five hours of playback … Read more

Google will discontinue the Android Auto Mobile app from Android 12 in favor of Google Assistant

US tech giant Google has confirmed that it will end its standalone app “Android Auto for Phone Screens” from Android 12. According to The Verge, those who want a user-friendly interface for driving on their Android phone should instead use Google Assistant’s driving mode, which is available in Google Maps, or the native Android Auto … Read more