Hydrogen fuel electric car makers in India claim $3.5 billion worth of incentives

India will give about $3.5 billion (about Rs. 25,735 cores) in incentives to automakers over a five-year period under a revised scheme to boost clean-tech vehicle manufacturing and export, two sources aware of the latest proposal told Reuters. The government’s original plan was to give around $8 billion (about Rs. 58,830 crores) to automakers and … Read more

Hyundai will offer hydrogen fuel cell versions of all commercial vehicles through 2028

Hyundai Motor Group said on Tuesday that it plans to offer hydrogen fuel cell versions for all of its commercial vehicles by 2028 and will reduce the price of fuel cell vehicles to battery electric levels two years later. The group, which brings together Hyundai and Kia, currently has on the market a fuel cell … Read more

Electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells could be boosted with India’s claim to renew incentives

India has revised its proposed $8 billion (about Rs. 58,400 crores) scheme for the automotive sector, which will now focus on encouraging companies to build electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, two sources familiar with the project told Reuters. flat. This is a significant change from the government’s original plan to encourage auto and auto parts manufacturers … Read more

Making Diesel with Ramen Broth? Japanese shipping company makes this possible

Is there any leftover from last night’s ramen meal? Well, you can save on some of the fuel costs by converting it to diesel. While it may seem far-fetched, this is exactly what a transport company in Japan has been doing. The president of transportation company Nishida Shoun, located in southwest Japan, has developed a … Read more