Dell faces strong demand for laptops, desktops and cloud services due to telecommuting to beat second quarter revenue estimates

Dell beat market estimates for second-quarter revenue on Thursday with the switch to hybrid work, keeping demand strong for its laptops, desktops and cloud services. Globally, people continue to spend on computer devices even after a year of working from home. International Data figures showed that PC shipments increased 13 percent from April to June, … Read more

Salesforce Says It Will Have Strong Cloud Demand Due To Hybrid Work, Beats Market Expectations For Second Quarter Earnings

Salesforce on Wednesday signaled that the move to hybrid work would keep demand for its cloud-based software strong in the third quarter, after surpassing market expectations for May-July earnings. The business software maker’s revenue has grown steadily over the past year, with increased automation and artificial intelligence likely to keep that momentum going, even as … Read more

Tesla could face US FTC investigation into self-employed claims, as senators demand

Two US senators on Wednesday pressured the Federal Trade Commission to sound out Tesla, saying the company misled consumers and put the public at risk by marketing its drive automation systems as fully autonomous. “The repeated exaggerated statements by Tesla and (CEO) Mr. (Elon) Musk about the capabilities of their vehicles … put Tesla drivers … Read more