Zomato makes the default choice for cutleries when ordering food, with the goal of reducing the use of plastic

Zomato announced an update to its application where it will change the default settings for the cutlery option. Users will now have to choose to receive cutlery – spoons, forks, tissues and straws – instead of opting out as before. The food delivery service said it will ensure that its restaurant partners also follow through … Read more

Google said it would pay Apple $15 billion to keep the default search engine on Safari in 2021

Google will pay Apple $15 billion (about INR 1.10.718 crores) to remain the default search engine on the iPhone, iPad and Mac in 2021, according to analysts. The price of keeping Google as the default search engine in the Safari browser would have risen once again, which could rise further in 2022. It is widely … Read more

Windows 11 will make changing the default browser more difficult for users

Windows 11 will make it difficult for users to switch from default browsers, as Microsoft has supposedly adjusted the way you can change operating system defaults. This will make it harder for users to switch their default browser to competing products like Microsoft Edge’s Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. After installing a new browser on … Read more