India will take a differentiated approach to cryptocurrencies, different from the United States or El Salvador

The government will take a different approach to regulating cryptocurrencies in India, which will be different from Western markets, said the chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance Jayant Sinha during an online event. The legislator’s most recent comments come amid uncertainty among Indian stakeholders due to the long expectation of regulation for Bitcoin … Read more

Bitcoin has a future in more countries, young people are positive about cryptocurrency: Cardano founder

Bitcoin recently made its historic debut as legal tender in El Salvador. Following the crypto milestone, Cardano founder and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson said many other nations will follow the Central American country in adopting the largest cryptocurrency. He also congratulated the entire cryptocurrency community, saying that El Salvador’s acceptance reinforces the belief that people … Read more

Cryptocurrency being watched by central banks in Honduras, Guatemala, after bitcoin adoption in El Salvador

Honduran and Guatemalan central banks are eyeing digital currencies, officials said on Wednesday after El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as its legal currency. The presidents of the central banks of Honduras and Guatemala said that banks are studying digital currencies with the aim of eventually introducing them into the economy, including through a central bank digital … Read more

Bitcoin in El Salvador: President Nayib Bukele steps in to fix cryptocurrency deployment issues

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele stepped in on Wednesday to manage the launch of a payments application that supports the adoption of Bitcoin as a legal currency, and asked users to report any issues on their Twitter feed. Adopting language similar to IT departments in offices around the world, Bukele asked users to close and restart … Read more

NFT Project with Random Numbers on Black Background Reaches $40 Million Market Value

With cryptocurrency gaining wide acceptance and popularity, non-fungible tokens have registered a successful presence among the younger generation of merchants. People are investing millions in pixel character images and jpegs, impressing a lot of people. But that’s not all. A lot of weirder things are happening. For an NFT project, which can be described simply … Read more

Cryptocurrency prices plummet, exchange transactions falter as obstacles arise; Bitcoin is down 17 percent

The price of cryptocurrencies plummeted and the crypto trade was delayed on Tuesday, a day when El Salvador struggled as the first country to adopt Bitcoin as its legal currency. Shares of blockchain-related companies also fell as encryption stocks were hit by disruptions in the trading platform. But the main focus was on El Salvador, … Read more

Bitcoin in El Salvador: World’s First Adoption of Cryptocurrency Faces Raging Protests, Failures, and a Fall

The historic adoption of Bitcoin as a legal currency in El Salvador on Tuesday was marred by initial problems, such as a furious protest from suspicious citizens, technological failures and a drop in cryptocurrency hindered the launch. The daring experiment got off to a rocky start when, just after midnight, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele complained … Read more

Crypto Buyers Being Lured by ‘Reds of Quick Riches’: UK Regulator on Instagram Kim Kardashian’s Plug

Cryptocurrency is slowly taking over the world and it’s not surprising to see Instagram celebrities, or “influencers”, also joining the movement. Kim Kardashian, one of Instagram’s biggest influencers, also joined the list by discarding a sponsored post of a cryptocurrency token. The entrepreneur shared a paid Ethereum Max ad in an Instagram story in June. … Read more

Online cryptocurrency promotions must be regulated to deal with “problematic content”, says British watchdog

Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on Monday asked for powers to govern the online promotion of cryptoassets to combat a flood of “problematic content” it said was worthless. With some cryptoassets using social media influencers and other celebrities to promote so-called tokens, Britain’s finance ministry has already consulted on the need to regulate them. The … Read more

CrossTower, a global cryptocurrency exchange, enters India despite political uncertainty

CrossTower, the US-based currency exchange, has established a local unit in India and launched a trading platform to capture the growing domestic market for cryptography, although the fate of cryptocurrency in India remains unclear. CrossTower India has already hired 35 people and plans to increase its headcount to 100 in six to nine months, the … Read more