Approval of new online games suspended by China: report

China has temporarily suspended approval of all new online games in an attempt to curb gambling addiction among young people, the South China Morning Post reported on Thursday, citing people with knowledge of the matter. The decision was revealed at a meeting between Chinese officials and industry giants Tencent and NetEase, the report said, adding … Read more

Vivo X70 Series Key Specifications Provided Through China Telecom Listings: Report

Specifications for the Vivo X70 series were reportedly leaked by China Telecom, according to a report, ahead of the September 9 launch of the smartphones. Vivo’s smartphone series is expected to include the Vivo X70, Vivo X70 Pro and Vivo X70 Pro+. The China Telecom leak was accompanied by renderings of the Vivo X70 Pro … Read more

New game rules for under-18s in China undermine the sport’s power status in the country

In glass-paneled conference rooms, members of Shanghai’s Rogue Warriors sports team yell into their phones as they train from 11 am until late, occasionally interrupting for food. “I spend 15 of my 24 hours a day playing video games,” said Zhang Kaifeng, 19, who professionally plays Tencent’s online battle arena game “Arena of Valor,” adding … Read more

Chinese crackdown on cryptocurrencies is reportedly forcing miners to abandon their computers

China, which accounted for more than half of global Bitcoin production until a few months ago, banned payment companies and other financial institutions from offering services related to cryptocurrency transactions in May 2021. In addition, it also warned investors against the deal. speculative of cryptocurrencies, in what has been a major crackdown on cryptographic assets. … Read more

Didi denies reports that China is coordinating companies to invest in it

Chinese giant Didi Global said on Saturday that media reports that the Beijing city government is coordinating companies to invest in it are not accurate. “Didi is currently actively and fully cooperating with the cybersecurity investigation. Foreign media reports that the Beijing city government is coordinating companies to invest in it are incorrect,” the document … Read more

Shang-Chi Movie Review: Marvel’s Tale of Chinese Superheroes Make All the Right Choices

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – the new Marvel movie now showing in theaters – make some very smart choices. Its villain (and throbbing heart) is played by Hong Kong film legend Tony Leung, known for the romantic drama In the Mood for Love and the crime thriller Infernal Affairs. Leung excels … Read more

Mars Chopper: China develops miniature prototype helicopter for future missions

China has developed a prototype miniature helicopter for surveillance work on future missions to Mars, according to its space science agency, after the historic landing of a robotic rover on the Red Planet a few months ago. The prototype is similar in appearance to the Ingenuity robotic helicopter, developed by NASA for its Perseverance mission … Read more

China cuts playing time for players under 18 to 3 hours a week

China banned under-18s from playing video games for more than three hours a week, a severe social intervention it said was necessary to pull the plug on a growing addiction to what it once described as “spiritual opium.” The new rules, published on Monday, are part of a major shift by Beijing to tighten control … Read more

China said it plans to ban overseas IPOs for technology companies with data security risks

China is establishing rules to ban Internet companies whose data poses potential security risks from being listed outside the country, including in the United States, according to a person familiar with the matter. The ban must also be imposed on companies involved in ideological issues, said the source, who declined to be identified because the … Read more

China will end ‘chaotic’ culture of online fans and close channels that spread celebrity scandals

China will take steps to quell the “chaotic” online culture of celebrity fans, the country’s cyberspace regulator said in a statement published on Friday, part of an ongoing state campaign to “rectify” the Internet industry. China’s Cyberspace Administration (CAC) has said it will take action against the dissemination of “harmful information” in celebrity fan groups … Read more