Crypto Buyers Being Lured by ‘Reds of Quick Riches’: UK Regulator on Instagram Kim Kardashian’s Plug

Cryptocurrency is slowly taking over the world and it’s not surprising to see Instagram celebrities, or “influencers”, also joining the movement. Kim Kardashian, one of Instagram’s biggest influencers, also joined the list by discarding a sponsored post of a cryptocurrency token. The entrepreneur shared a paid Ethereum Max ad in an Instagram story in June. … Read more

Mark Cuban shows support for Dogecoin again and announces rewards for Dallas Mavericks merchandise buyers

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban is a well-known cryptocurrency supporter, and his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, is one of the few major sporting ventures to have shown faith in digital currencies. Shark Tank’s star basketball team was one of the first to accept payments in Dogecoin for its wares, and shortly thereafter, Cuban said the … Read more