Instagram Store tab to show ads globally

Instagram will launch advertising in its Shop feature globally, the Facebook-owned app said on Tuesday, as it looks to make more money from brands looking to reach new customers. Instagram Shop is an in-app photo and video sharing tab that allows users to browse items such as clothing and beauty products and, in some cases, … Read more

The Google Play Store removes 8 fake cryptocurrency mining apps, tricking users into watching ads and paying for the service

Google Play removed eight deceptive cryptocurrency apps after they were discovered to be fake and tricking users into watching ads. These apps disguised as cryptocurrency cloud mining apps, where users can earn cryptocurrencies by investing money in a cloud mining operation. IT security company Trend Micro reports that these eight malicious apps tricked victims into … Read more

Samsung will remove ads from preloaded apps through an update later this year

Samsung is ready to finally address concerns raised by consumers and stop showing ads on its pre-installed apps available on Galaxy phones. Default apps that will no longer display ads as a result of an update include Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Theme. Similar to some Chinese competitors, including Xiaomi, Samsung runs ads on … Read more