India’s Cabinet said it did not accept the proposed telecom financial relief measures

India’s federal cabinet did not accept proposals on Wednesday to provide financial relief to the country’s telecommunications sector, which is struggling with cash, a government source said. The cabinet was expected to make a decision on the so-called aid package for the telecommunications industry, which would have helped all wireless operators, but especially the battered … Read more

Apple Allows Developers to Accept Payments Outside the App Store: Explained in Seven Points

Apple announced Thursday night in the US that iOS developers will now be able to advertise alternative payment options on the App Store, which will make it easier for them to promote alternative pricing without Apple’s cut. Until now, developers had to pay a portion of all revenue generated in the App Store to Apple, … Read more

Substake to accept Bitcoin payments for subscription to cryptocurrency related publications

Cryptocurrencies slowly began to enter the markets and to be accepted as forms of payment in place of fiat money. The latest startup to join the movement is the online publishing platform Substack. In an announcement made on Monday, August 23, payment processor Bitcoin OpenNode announced its partnership with Substack which has more than 5,000,000 … Read more