PUBG maker Brendan Greene lets Krafton work in his own studio, called PlayerUnknown Productions

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released in 2017 and soon became a phenomenon. It was developed by Brendan Greene, aka Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene under PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Krafton. Now, Greene has announced his departure from Krafton to work at his own Amsterdam-based studio called PlayerUnknown Productions. This may be why PUBG has been renamed to PUBG: Battlegrounds.

PlayerUnknown Productions and, by extension, Brendan Greene, have announced via a press release that he is leaving Krafton, although the South Korean company will hold a minority stake in PlayerUnknown Productions. The studio is “exploring the systems needed to enable massive scale in open-world games,” suggesting that its next project could be an open-world game.

“I am so grateful to everyone at PUBG and Krafton for giving me a chance and for the opportunities they have given me over the past four years. Today, I’m excited to take the next step on my journey to create the kind of experience I imagined years ago. Once again, I am grateful to everyone at Krafton for supporting my plans and I will have more to reveal more about our project at a later date,” said Greene in the press release.

As for PlayerUnknown Productions’ new project, the site only shows one game called Prologue, a teaser posted on its official YouTube channel in 2019. It doesn’t reveal much about the game as it’s a 30-second clip showing rain and thunder in a forest from a first-person perspective.

For those who don’t know, Greene originally developed the battle royale concept as a mod for the ARMA game series. Then he brought the battle royale game mode to the public with H1Z1, after which he made PUBG under the Bluehole Corporation, now PUBG Corporation.


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