Instagram supposedly working on the Like button for stories

Instagram is supposedly working to introduce the ability to like Instagram Stories. Until now, this feature did not exist and users could only react to stories, which appear in their direct messages. The ‘Like’ button is expected to appear on the main Stories page and the user should be able to see the number of likes and users who have posted them in a separate interface. It is reported that a user can post multiple likes in an Instagram story.

Famous developer Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted that Instagram is working on the ability to like a story. This feature is still under development, according to the WhatsApp WABetaInfo feature tracker, and can’t be seen even in the last public beta. It’s not clear when this feature will be publicly available, but developers are working on it.

The screenshot shared by Paluzzi shows a heart icon next to the text bar at the bottom. Clicking it triggers an animation, and the developer says users will be able to enjoy a story multiple times in a future update. WABetaInfo says Instagram Story owner won’t get a private message about the reaction, but there’s likely to be a list where all the tastes of a story can be seen. The report, however, warns that, as the feature is still under development, everything could change before launch.

Also, if the likes will appear in a separate list, it remains to be seen whether it will be possible to see the likes after the stories disappear after the 48-hour window.

Instagram is also reportedly working to get rid of the swipe-up gesture to access links in Stories and replace it with stickers. Some users have reported that they have received an in-app notification informing them of this change and that it will be implemented from August 30th.

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