eFootball Gameplay Trailer showcases new mechanics, features and improvements that come with the free title

eFootball is scheduled to be released this fall as a free-to-play football simulation title and developer Konami shared some gameplay details and improvements it brings over previous releases. eFootball is the new simplified name for the long-running Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) franchise that for some years was called “eFootball PES”. Konami says it has revamped gameplay in eFootball by making changes to ball control, deeper integration with the PS5’s DualSense controller, physical battles between players and much more.

eFootball has switched to a free-to-play model this time around, as the franchise is so far on the paid annual launch model like EA Sports’ FIFA. The game will be released this fall for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series S / Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, with versions for Android and iOS shortly thereafter. The new gameplay footage shows improvements and new features that will be present in the game.

Players will have more control over the ball from a knock-on to a full pitch. PS5 gamers can experience a more immersive feel thanks to adaptive triggers and tactile feedback on the DualSense controller. Players can use a variety of dribbling and melee feints to outwit their opponents. There are also new defensive maneuvers that will allow players to steal the ball more effectively. Defenders in eFootball will be more aggressive in terms of using their physique to steal the ball. As part of a future update, special kicks like accurate crosses, fast passes and ascending kicks will be added to the game. However, these kicks will take longer to execute in the game.

Developers focused a lot on duels. They incorporated several factors such as player speed, ball speed, how players use their bodies and more to make the duels more realistic. The camera also zooms in on a duel when in the wide zone. eFootball will also bring new attack and defense controls, giving the player more freedom over which tactics to use and more control over them.

As mentioned earlier, eFootball will be released this fall and will be free to play. It will also support cross-platform, starting with cross-generation games, which will be followed by full support for cross-platform games between console and PC gamers. In winter, Konami will enable all cross-platform games between console, PC and mobile gamers, but mobile gamers will need a controller to play.

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