Battlegrounds Mobile India Details Its 24-Hour Security System to Ban Cheaters, Hindi Voice Pack Tips

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) hinted at the arrival of several new features in the latest post on their website. Game developer Krafton has confirmed that weapon skins are now included in boxes or roulette wheels. He also said he is looking into the possibility of opening the BP Shop, adding a Hindi voice pack and introducing Prime subscriptions, as well as the Bonus Challenge at Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton also described all the steps he has taken to detect and ban cheaters in the game. He said Battlegrounds Mobile India has a 24-hour security system that automatically prohibits illegal accounts in real time.

In his last FAQ post for fans, Krafton detailed how he handles cheaters in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game has a 24-hour security system that automatically bans accounts that use illegal programs and also sends notifications to players informing them of real-time sanctions applied to cheaters. It also posts a weekly anti-cheat warning on the website about the number of accounts sanctioned.

“In addition to the system, we regularly research and investigate the promotion/use of illegal programs on websites, including YouTube, and manually sanction them. Any channels that are advertising/promoting the use of illegal programs, we are working hard to block them,” the post said. Users can even report cheaters by contacting customer service through the game’s settings.

Krafton said an emulator version of Battlegrounds Mobile India will likely not be released as it increases the chances of illegal actions such as counterfeiting.

The developer said he is also looking into the arrival of some features. This includes the introduction of the main subscription and bonus challenge. The main subscription offers constant rewards to players as they progress. The company is also considering adding the Hindi voice package and has said it will let users know they are confirmed.

Weapon skins are now included in boxes or roulettes, according to Krafton. She said she is also reviewing the BP Shop launch, but added that there are no plans to add a 30-day room card to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton said he is working to make customer service respond faster and eliminate bugs.

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