‘A hopscotch story going through the App Store review’: Coding App CEO attacks Apple in a Twitter thread

Hopscotch, a coding app for kids on Apple’s App Store, has revealed its recent frustrations over an update issue and persistent rejections from the company. Rejects were later deemed “an error” caused by a “flaw” in Apple’s automated software. In a heated tweet, Hopscotch CEO Samantha John vented her frustration and anger at the tech giant. She mentioned that when her team submitted a bug fix update, the app was rejected because its “promoted in-app purchases had identical titles and descriptions that could be confusing to users”. Although everything looked good to her, she changed the descriptions and re-uploaded the app.

However, the application was rejected once again. John filed an appeal with the company, noting that the rejection “made no sense”. Apple responded, saying the rejection feedback was valid. John then tweeted a photo of the email she received from the App Store.

John stated that they sent a bug fix update to Hopscotch and “wanted to get it out quickly to advance the school year.” But things went wrong.

In subsequent tweets, she added about rejecting the app, replying to the message and resending the app.

She also emailed a contact she had at Apple and explained the problem.

Then she received a response from Apple that allowed them to “release the bug fix” but told her that the “rejection was valid”.

Three days after the original release date, John said she “was still in suspense as to what we did wrong.”

In the next two tweets, she said she “got a call from ‘Potential Spam’ in San Jose, California,” which she ignored, and then an email from Apple arrived.

Realizing the spam caller was someone from App Review, John called back. However, no one responded. Then she left a voicemail, after which an Apple representative called back.

The representative, while examining her case, realized that “the automated software must have had a flaw.”

Although the issue was resolved after 3-4 days, John was furious. She said that while the people she met “at Apple are lovely ​​and have been incredibly supportive of the hopscotch,” there is “something rotten about a system that treats developers that way.”

She added that the process just “wasted my energy, enlightened me and sucked up my time, making me furious.”

She also mentioned how the App Store system was more optimized for reviewers than developers, and vented her frustration with the automated system that rejected application updates without any human supervision.

She later updated her thread, saying Apple called back to apologize for the inconvenience.

They also asked her for feedback. She tweeted four suggestions and closed her topic by saying that “I would be happy to rate my experience from 1 to 10 every time our app gets rejected.”

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